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2005 Baltimore County Maryland Lidar
browse graphic In the spring of 2005, Sanborn as part of the Dewberry team was contracted to execute a LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) survey campaign to collect the 3-dimensional positions of a dense set of masspoints for the entire 689 plus square mile project area of Baltimore County, Maryland. These data are suitable for the development of a digital elevation model (DEM) to support orthometric photo rectification and contouring. The lidar first and Last Return value data were obtained from the post processed data and provided in separate files containing all georeferenced First Return and Last Return data in an ASCII comma delimited format to the NOAA Coastal Services Center. For data storage and Digital Coast provisioning purposes, the NOAA Coastal Services Center converted the ascii data to geographic coordinates, ellipsoid heights in meters, and las format and created a bare earth data set using an automated algorithm.