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2006 Volusia County, Florida Lidar
This dataset is the lidar data for Volusia County, Florida, approximately 1,432 square miles, acquired in early March of 2006. A total of 143 flight lines of Lidar data were acquired in eleven sessions between 2-8 March 2006. This dataset is comprised of 1,591 LiDAR files, based on the Volusia County 5,000’ by 5,000’ sheet index system, in the LAS file format. The raw data was collected at an average ground sample distance of 1-meter (3.3 ft), and the bare earth was classified and used as a basis for the 2006 Volusia Countywide Digital Orthophoto Project. Lidar was collected to support DTM development suitable to generate 1 foot contours that meet 2 foot contour accuracy specifications. This data is not intended for engineering, design, water modeling, or any other purposes other than as stated within this document. This data is intended for orthophoto rectification purposes only. The lidar data classifications in this data set are: unclassified, ground and high vegetation. NOTE: Please be aware that there are returns from the water surface that are classified as ground, as well as unclassified.