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2007 Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) Northwest Oregon Lidar
This lidar dataset encompasses two areas in northwest Oregon. The northern area is located in Clatsop County, encompassing Clatsop State Forest ownership; the southern area is located in Tillamook, Washington and Yamhill Counties, encompassing areas of the Tillamook State Forest. The LiDAR data was collected April 25-28, May 1 and May 3-9, 2007. The lidar data are multiple return and bare earth classified. The survey used a Leica ALS50 Pase II laser system mounted in a Cessna Caravan 208. LiDAR flight lines have been examined to ensure that there was at least 50% sidelap, there are no gaps between flightlines, and overlapping flightlines have consistent elevation values. Near nadir scan angles were used to increase penetration of vegetation to ground surfaces. Ground level GPS and aircraft IMU were collected during the flight. Elevation values for open water surfaces are not valid elevation values because few LiDAR points are returned from water surfaces. Watershed Sciences, Inc. collected the LiDAR and created this data set for the Oregon Department of Forestry and the Puget Sound LiDAR Consortium.