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2008 South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) South Carolina Lidar - Fairfield County
The project area is composed of 16 counties in the State of South Carolina - Cherokee, Union, Laurens, Greenwood, Newberry, Chester, Fairfield, Lancaster, Chesterfield, Marlboro, Darlington, Dillon, Marion, Williamsburg, Clarendon, and Orangeburg. The project area consists of approximately 10,194 square miles including a buffer of 50 feet along the edges of the project area and an additional buffer in some areas. The project design of the lidar data acquisition was developed to support a nominal post spacing of 1.4 meters. The Fugro EarthData, Inc. acquisition team of Fugro Horizons, Inc. and North West Group acquired 721 flight lines in 44 lifts from January 15, 2008 through February 10, 2008. The data was divided into 5000’ by 5000’ foot cells that serve as the tiling scheme. Lidar data collection was performed with a Cessna 310 aircraft, utilizing a Leica ALS50-II MPiA sensor, collecting multiple return x, y, and z data as well as intensity data. Lidar data was processed to achieve a bare ground surface (Classes 2 and 8). Lidar data is remotely sensed high-resolution elevation data collected by an airborne collection platform. Using a combination of laser range finding, GPS positioning and inertial measurement technologies, lidar instruments are able to make highly detailed Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) of the earth’s terrain, man-made structures, and vegetation.