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2008 US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) National Coastal Mapping Program (NCMP) Topobathy Lidar - Indiana (Lake Michigan shoreline)
The data contained in these files contain topographic data collected by the CHARTS system along Lake Michigan, Indiana. The data are broken into boxes. The box layout index is provided by the shape file, "in_boxes.shp", and the box numbers for labels are in the "Box" field of the shape file. The data file names are based on the year, project, area name, box number, and product type. An example of the file name is "2008_NCMP_IN_Michigan_07_02DS08070_006_080916_1955_A_00452.las." The 14th digit within the file name corresponds with the box names used. The data was collected and processed in geographic coordinates and ellipsoid heights. The positions are relative to NAD83 in decimal degrees of longitude and latitude. The heights were converted from ellipsoid to orthometric heights using the Geoid03 model with the results in meters. The date and time of each point are also MM:SS.SSSSSS. The format of the file is LAS version 1.0