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2009 Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) Oregon Lidar: Willamette Valley
browse graphic The Oregon Department of Geology & Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) contracted with Watershed Sciences, Inc. to collect high resolution topographic LiDAR data for multiple areas within the state of Oregon. The areas for LiDAR collection have been designed as part of a collaborative effort of state, federal, and local agencies in order to meet a wide range of project goals. This LiDAR data set was collected in 17 delivery areas from August 31, 2008 through July 1, 2009. See below for the specific date of collection and total area covered for each delivery. This data set covers 3157 square miles (2,020,760 square acres) and falls in portions of the following counties in northwestern Oregon: Benton, Clackamas, Clatsop, Columbia, Lane, Linn, Polk, Marion, Washington, and Yamhill. This data set consists of bare earth and unclassified points. The average pulse density is 8.14 points per square meter over terrestrial surfaces. In some areas of heavy vegetation or forest cover, there may be relatively few ground points in the LiDAR data. Elevation values for open water surfaces are not valid elevation values because few LiDAR points are returned from water surfaces. LiDAR intensity values were also collected. This LiDAR data set was collected on different dates and organized into 17 deliveries. To determine which delivery or deliveries are in your area of interest, download the Delivery Area graphic at: ftp://ftp.csc.noaa.gov/pub/crs/beachmap/qa_docs/or/willamette_valley/2009_dogami_oregon_lidar_willamette_valley.pdf The specific date of collection and total area covered for each delivery are listed below. Delivery 1: Acquisition Date: 20081022-20081024 Total Area = 32,150 sq acres Delivery 2: Acquisition Date: 20080831-20090222 Total Area = 67,377 sq acres Delivery 3: Acquisition Date: 20080831-20080914 Total Area = 89,974 sq acres Delivery 4: Acquisition Date: 20080831-20090222 Total Area = 136,997 sq acres Delivery 5: Acquisition Date: 20080831-20080914 Total Area = 136,424 sq acres Delivery 6: Acquisition Date: 20080831-20080921 Total Area = 157,904 sq acres Delivery 7: Acquisition Date: 20080831-20080921 Total Area = 65,249 sq acres Delivery 8: Acquisition Date: 20080831-20090405 Total Area = 155,491 sq acres Delivery 9: Acquisition Date: 20080914-20090315 Total Area = 147,742 sq acres Delivery 10: Acquisition Date: 20081005-20090315 Total Area = 125,480 sq acres Delivery 11: Acquisition Date: 20081005-20081111 Total Area = 89,804 sq acres Delivery 12: Acquisition Date: 20080928-20090315 Total Area = 89,161 sq acres Delivery 13: Acquisition Date: 20080917-20090701 Total Area = 177,375 sq acres Delivery 14: Acquisition Date: 20090518-20090616 Total Area = 96,010 sq acres Delivery 15: Acquisition Date: 20081010-20090607 Total Area = 191,635 sq acres Delivery 16: Acquisition Date: 20080907-20090627 Total Area = 151,037 sq acres Delivery 17: Acquisition Date: 20081019-20090609 Total Area = 110,950 sq acres