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2010 Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Lidar: Cottonwood Canyon
browse graphic This data set represents the lidar elevations in portions of Gilliam and Sherman Counties, Oregon. This data set covers 35,902 acres and was collected between May 13 and May 15, 2010. The lidar data are multiple return and are classified as unclassified and bare earth. Please be aware that there are some water points classified as ground. The LiDAR survey used Leica ALS50 Phase II and ALS60 laser systems. The sensor scan angle was plus or minus 14 degrees from nadir with a pulse rate designed to yield an average native density (number of pulses emitted by the laser system) of greater than or equal to 8 points per square meter over terrestrial surfaces. In some areas of heavy vegetation or forest cover, there may be relatively few ground points in the LiDAR data. Elevation values for open water surfaces are not valid elevation values because few LiDAR points are returned from water surfaces. Watershed Sciences, Inc. collected the LiDAR and created this data set for Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.