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2010 U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Topographic Lidar: Channel Islands, California
browse graphic Terrapoint collected LiDAR for 197 square miles covering five islands off the coast of Los Angeles, California. These islands are part of the Channel Islands National Park and consists of San Miguel Island, Santa Rosa Island, Santa Cruz Island, Anacapa Island, and Santa Barbara Island. The nominal pulse spacing for this project was better than 0.7 meters. This project was collected with a sensor which collects waveform data and provides an intensity value for each discrete pulse extracted from the waveform. GPS Week Time, Intensity, Flightline and echo number attributes were provided for each LiDAR point. Dewberry used proprietary procedures to classify the LAS according to USGS ARRA specifications: 1-Unclassified 2-Ground 7-Noise 9-Water 10-Ignored Ground due to breakline proximity. Dewberry produced 3D breaklines, seamless DSMs, and seamless hydro flattened DEMs for the 204 tiles (2000 m x 2000 m) that cover the project area. Area mapped by island is as follows: Santa Barbara Island-1 sq. mi. Anacapa Island-1 sq. mi. San Miguel Island-15 sq. mi. Santa Rosa Island-83 sq. mi. Santa Cruz Island-97 sq. mi. Two UTM zones cover the Channel Islands. The islands delivered per each UTM zone are as follows (please note that Santa Rosa Island was delivered in both UTM zone 10 and UTM zone 11): UTM Zone 10: Santa Rosa Island San Miguel Island UTM Zone 11: Santa Barbara Island Santa Rosa Island Santa Cruz Island Anacapa Island The NOAA Coastal Services Center received the data in UTM Zones 10 and 11. The data were converted to geographic coordinates and from NAVD88 heights to ellipsoid heights using GEOID09. These files were converted for data storage and Digital Coast provisioning purposes.