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2011 U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Topographic LiDAR: Louisiana Region 1
browse graphic TASK NAME: Louisiana Region 1 LiDAR ARRA Task Order LiDAR Data Acquisition and Processing Production Task- Vermillion, Iberia, St. Mary, Terrebonne, and Lafourche Parishes USGS Contract No: G10PC00057 Task Order No: G10PD02781 Woolpert ORDER NUMBER: 70930 CONTRACTOR: Woolpert, Inc. LiDAR data is a remotely sensed high resolution elevation data collected by an airborne platform. The LiDAR sensor uses a combination of laser range finding, GPS positioning, and inertial measurement technologies. The LiDAR systems collect data point clouds that are used to produce highly detailed Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) of the earth's terrain, man-made structures, and vegetation. The task required the LiDAR data to be collected at a nominal pulse spacing (NPS) of 2.0 meters. The final products include first, last, and at least one intermediate return LAS, full classified LAS and a bare earth model in separate files.