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2012 USACE Post-Hurricane Sandy Topographic LiDAR: Eastern Long Island, New York
browse graphic TASK ORDER NAME: EASTERN LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK LIDAR ACQUISITION FOR HURRICANE SANDY RESPONSE CONTRACT NUMBER: W912P9-10-D-0533 TASK ORDER NUMBER: W81C8X23208588 Woolpert Project Number: 72903 Q. USACE required high-resolution digital elevation data developed from airborne LiDAR technology for the Eastern Long Island, New York. The Area of Interest (AOI) consisted of one hundred sixteen (116) square miles in the North Atlantic Division. The final LiDAR data was delivered in a UTM projection tiling format, based on a modular layout. The tiles were clipped to eliminate overlap between adjacent tiles. The 1000 meter x 1000 meter tile file name was derived from the National Grid naming convention. The data originally was collected with the following specifications: LAS v1.2 classified point cloud NAD83 UTM Zone 18N Meters, NAVD88 GEOID12A Meters.