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2012 USACE Post-Hurricane Sandy Topographic LiDAR: Coastal Connecticut
browse graphic These topographic elevation data have been acquired and developed by the U.S. Corps of Engineers St. Louis District for a 116 sq. mile project area encompassing the entire coastal region of the State of Connecticut. Using an ALS-60 MPiA sensor mounted on a Cessna 310 twin engine aircraft, Fugro EarthData, Inc. collected LiDAR point measurements over the project area with a 1.0 meter, nominal post spacing. The collection for the was accomplished between November 14, 2012 and November 16, 2012; 46 flight lines were acquired in 4 lifts. The lines were flown at an average of 1825 meters feet above mean terrain using a pulse rate of 123,700 pulses per second. Multiple returns of x,y,z and intensity were acquired. The processed LiDAR classified according to LAS version 1.2 format standard: 1 unclassified, 2 ground, 7 low points, 8 model keypoints, 9 water, and 10 ignored points.