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2012 USACE Post Hurricane Sandy Topographic LiDAR: Virginia and Maryland
browse graphic TASK ORDER NAME: VIRGINIA AND MARYLAND LIDAR ACQUISITION FOR HURRICANE SANDY RESPONSE CONTRACT NUMBER: W912P9-10-D-0533 TASK ORDER NUMBER: W81C8X2314841 Woolpert Project Number: 72903 HQ. USACE required high-resolution digital elevation data developed from airborne LiDAR technology for the Assateague Island, MD; Assateague Island, VA; Tangier Island, VA; Cape Henry to Willoughby Point, VA; AOIs for a total of approximately eighty (80) square miles in the North Atlantic Division. The final LiDAR data was delivered in a UTM projection tiling format, based on a modular layout. The tiles were clipped to eliminate overlap between adjacent tiles. The 1000 meter x 1000 meter tile file name was derived from the National Grid naming convention.