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2007 California Department of Water Resources Topographic LiDAR: San Joaquin Delta
browse graphic These data are from LIDAR flights of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta conducted during late January and February of 2007. The work was conducted under contract issued by California Department of Water Resources to URS Corporation. The prime LIDAR creation subcontractor was EarthData International, (later Fugro EarthData), also known as EDI. The principal aerial survey firm under subcontract to EDI was Airborne 1 Corporation. In effect, Airborne 1 performed the aerial survey, and EDI did the processing and deliverables preparation. Also involved in the contract to URS was an independent QA/QC firm, Spectrum Mapping LLC. The data was delivered to CSC as unclassified, multiple return elevation measurements and intensity in LAS V1.0 format. The NOAA CSC used an unsupervised classification algorithm to classify the data into the following ASPRS classifications: Class 1 (Unclassified), Class 2 (Ground), and Class 7 (Noise) . Class 2 includes bare earth points and water points.