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2006 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Topographic Lidar: Bristol and Plymouth Counties, Massachusetts
browse graphic FEMA Contract No. EME-2003-CO-0340 FEMA Task Order T018 Sanborn Map Company furnished the collection and processing, and development of Lidar and contours using photogrammetry to support the FEMA mapping requirements for a total of 142 square miles in coastal areas in Plymouth and Bristol Counties in Massachusetts. The 142 square miles includes the communities of Westport, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Marion, and Wareham. The project area was defined using a buffered shapefile with limits along the coastline. The project area included a portion of both counties. All lidar data was acquired during November 2006 by Sanborn. Orthophotography used to create 2D breaklines was produced in 2005 by MassGIS as part of its statewide orthophoto program. All lidar data that was acquired was produced in accordance with FEMA specifications (Source: FEMA Guidelines and Specifications, Appendix N, Section N.1.2). Lidar Acquisition Parametes: Average Altitude: 1,200 Meters AGL Airspeed: ~120 Knots Scan Frequency: 36 Hertz Scan Width Half Angle: 16 Degrees Pulse Rate: 50000 Hertz The data being distributed through the NOAA Digital Coast are Gridded Bare-Earth LAS files.