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2008 USACE NCMP Topographic Lidar: Lake Superior
browse graphic Fugro Pelagos contracted BLOM Aerofilms Limited to carry out the bathymetric laser data acquisition and part of the hyperspectral imagery capture for these 3 areas which totals approximately 240km2. This data was collected using a Hawk Eye II hydrographic and topographic LiDAR sensor. Imagery was acquired using a uEye 2250-M/C USB2.0 CCD UXGA Camera. The laserdata was processed onsite using Coastal Survey Studio and POSpac software to check for coverage and quality. The data was then processed at the Cheddar office using the Terrasolid OY software; the necessary macros were applied and manual reclassification was performed. Each individual wave form was analysed in Coastal Survey Studio and reflectance values were gained; these values were then combined with the classified laser data A conversion tool was then used to give the correct projections (IGLD85 and NAD83) and the data was exported in an ASCII format.