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2012 MDEQ-FEMA Madison-Yazoo Lidar Survey
browse graphic The project entails the acquisition and processing of LiDAR for approximately 1,265 square miles covering areas of Madison and Eastern Yazoo Counties. Collect and deliver high-density elevation point data derived from multiple-return light detection and ranging (LiDAR) measurements for use in supporting topographic analysis, including applications such as flood plain mapping. Hydro enforced breaklines were collected within the identified Special Flood Hazard Area for Madison County, MS including an additional 221sq. miles in the heavily developed areas in Madison County, and 112 sq. miles in a buffered area along the Big Black River in Yazoo County, MS. The data will be delivered as LiDAR Bare Earth within the areas designated in areas of Madison and Eastern Yazoo Counties to aid in visual interpretation of Flood Basin elevations and for addition to the MDEM elevation dataset. Also included in the delivery was LiDAR Intensity data in Tiff format. The intensity values are a measure of the return signal strength. It measures the peak amplitude of return pulses as they are reflected back from the target to the detector of the LiDAR system. These intensity images are a very useful tool to clients and can be used as a substitute for orthophotos. All data will comply with mapping guidelines and specifications as stated in the FEMA Procedure Memorandum No.61.