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2010 U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Topographic LiDAR: Mobile Bay, AL
browse graphic USGS Contract: G10PC00026 Task Order Number: G10PD00578 LiDAR was collected at a nominal pulse spacing of 2.0 meters for a 700 square mile area to the east of Mobile Bay, either not previously surveyed using LiDAR sensors or where the collected data was poor, while no snow was on the ground and rivers were at or below normal levels. The goal of the NGOM LiDAR project in the post-Katrina environment is to provide scientific knowledge and tools required to make optimal decisions about land resource use, management practices, and future development in the northern Gulf of Mexico coastal zone. This regional LiDAR elevation mapping data will be used for modeling, predicting landscape change, promoting restoration of ecosystems, and mitigating risks associated with anthropomorphic and natural hazards.