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2005 Puget Sound LiDAR Consortium (PSLC) Topographic LiDAR: Lewis County
browse graphic Terrapoint collected Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data for the Lewis County project of 2005. The project site covered approximately 223 square miles, divided into two blocks: southern block 213 Square Miles, northern block 10 Square Miles. The field data collection took place from December 11th, 2004 to January 30th, 2005. LIDAR data was collected on 12/11/2004, 12/12/2004, 12/15/2004, 1/20/2005, 1/21/2005, 1/24/2005 and 1/30/2005. The control network and check point surveys were established from December 11th to December 23rd, 2004. The Airborne LiDAR survey was conducted using Terrapoint?s 40 kHz ALTMS (Airborne Laser Terrain Mapping System), flying at an optimum height of 3500 ft AGL at 140 knots. The system consists of a 36-degree full angle laser, a Trimble 4700 GPS receiver and a Honeywell H764 IMU unit. This metadata is a collaboration of metadata reports from each of the individual 15 projects. The Puget Sound Lowlands project covers more areas over 2000-2004, these areas were excluded for this project.