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Solar Imagery
browse graphicCollection includes a variety of solar photographic and illustrated datasets contributed by a number of national and private solar observatories located worldwide. Daily solar observations range from the mid 1800’s to the present. White-light photographs of the solar disk and limb reveal features on and near the photospheric disk including active regions and sunspots. Solar observations viewed at specific wavelengths, including hydrogen-alpha (656.3 nm), calcium-K (393.3 nm), iron and radio frequencies, reveal the structure and dynamics of chromospheric features, including plague, filaments and prominences, and the extended corona. Composite full-sun drawings, prepared by professional staff at various observatories, provide a daily synoptic perspective of solar features that can be tracked from day to day.

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Space Weather
Numerous space environmental datasets are available at the NGDC/STP website
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Browse images can be downloaded free of charge. High resolution images are available by request for some drawings.

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