Real-time validation of HDGM-RT at Honolulu

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Geomagnetic Disturbance

HDGM-RT Map of Total Field (F) disturbance during a large geomagnetic storm.

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The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in partnership with the directional drilling industry and the University of Colorado have developed a real-time component for NOAA's High Definition Geomagnetic Model. HDGM-RT improves the HDGM by accurately modeling the magnetic fields originating in the Earth's magnetosphere in real-time using a combination of solar-wind observing satellites situated between Earth and sun and a chain of geomagnetic observatories on the Earth's surface. The model also includes an ionospheric field model calculated from a combination of observatory and Swarm satellite data in order to represent the daily variations in the ionosphere. The addition of HDGM RT can save rig-time and reduce the drilling cost by enabling improved drill string interference correction during adverse space weather conditions.


- Includes all features of the standard HDGM model
- External field model to estimate disturbance field calculated in real time*
- Modeling of geomagnetic storm disturbances from 2014 to present
- Improvement in magnetic field prediction during periods of strong solar activity
- Ionospheric daily variations from mid- and low-latitude current systems
- Updated HDGM-RT with improved nowcasting of magnetic disturbance field

* Real-time modeling depends on live data streaming from observatories and satellites. Due to potential data linkage and corruption issues, a delay of real-time value calculations up to 2 hours is possible. Disturbance field is magnetospheric magnetic field and diurnal variation (ionospheric field at mid and low latitudes).