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Brief description of geomagnetism and observation systems

About WMM

Learn more about model derivation, uncertainties and magnetic poles

Model & Software

Download model coefficients, software and documentation

Online Calculators

Calculate magnetic field values at or near the Earth surface


Browse imagery and contour maps for main field and secular change

Uses of WMM

Common applications of WMM


License and copyright information

World Magnetic Model - Old reports

The previous technical reports can be downloaded here

WMM 2015v2 technical note (PDF 610 KB)

WMM 2015 report (PDF 17.1 MB)

WMM 2010 report (PDF 21 MB)

WMM 2005 report (PDF 9 MB)

WMM 2000 report (PDF 200 KB), UK version, with maps (PDF 10 MB)

WMM 1995 report (PDF 200 KB)


Because WMM is a "predictive only" model, we do not make the older models (WMM.COF files) widely available. We recommend to make use of the International Geomagnetic Reference Field ( IGRF) models for years prior to 2015. IGRF is updated retrospectively to provide the best available estimate of the geomagnetic field back to 1900.

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