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Magnetic Anomaly Data in the Former Soviet Union CD-ROM

The National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) is pleased to announce the release of a CD-ROM containing magnetic anomaly data collected in the Former Soviet Union. The CD-ROM contains a wealth of information useful to earth scientists studying global tectonic processes and the deep crustal composition of major continental cratons. The data contained can be used to examine the nature of changes in field intensity over large areas, and to comparing the nature of the anomalous magnetic field with geological structures.

In 1974, the Ministry of Geology of the U.S.S.R. published a mosaic series of 18 sheets at 1:2.5 million scale showing the residual magnetic intensity over the land mass of the U.S.S.R These sheets were digitized by U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office and the digital data provided to the National Geophysical Data Center for archival and public dissemination.

Errors were identified in the original one-arc-minute digital data. These errors were removed by reprocessing of the digitized contour data by Conoco Inc., who returned these corrections to NGDC as 18 latitude/longitude contour level files and a 2.5 km and 5.0 km easting/northing/anomaly grid. NGDC converted these data to a latitude/longitude projection, and regridded to a 3 minute grid.

NGDC is providing the complete suite of data for historical reference on this disc, along with documentation in the original Russian with an English translation.

Access to the Data:

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