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Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples (IMLGS)

11 Samples/Holes from HLY1002 are in the Index

Data Link
Data Link
Device Latitude Longitude Water Depth
ECS Healy HLY1002 HLY1002-1GB-1 core, gravity 71.31767 -143.99828 2530 20100811 ECS003000
ECS Healy HLY1002 HLY1002-1P-1 core, piston 71.31747 -143.9997 2538 20100812 ECS003001
ECS Healy HLY1002 HLY1002-1TC-1 corer, trigger wt. 71.31747 -143.9997 2538 20100812 ECS003002
ECS Healy HLY1002 HLY1002-2P-1 core, piston 70.9591 -144.05238 1157 20100812 ECS003003
ECS Healy HLY1002 HLY1002-2TC-1 corer, trigger wt. 70.9591 -144.05238 1157 20100812 ECS003004
ECS Healy HLY1002 HLY1002-3P-1 core, piston 81.57966 -134.4779 3070 20100825 ECS003005
ECS Healy HLY1002 HLY1002-3TC-1 corer, trigger wt. 81.57966 -134.4779 3070 20100825 ECS003006
ECS Healy HLY1002 HLY1002-4P-1 core, piston 75.58413 -140.09293 3700 20100831 ECS003007
ECS Healy HLY1002 HLY1002-4TC-1 corer, trigger wt. 75.58413 -140.09293 3700 20100831 ECS003008
ECS Healy HLY1002 HLY1002-5P-1 core, piston 76.54377 -128.62745 2081 20100902 ECS003009
ECS Healy HLY1002 HLY1002-5TC-1 corer, trigger wt. 76.54377 -128.62745 2081 20100902 ECS003010

HLY1002 data and information at USGS CMGDS
HLY1002 doi:10.7284/902407 at R2R
HLY1002 Trackline Geophysics at NCEI
HLY1002 OFR 2013-1067 at USGS
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HLY1002 information at USCG
HLY1002 Multibeam at NCEI

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