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Repository: US Extended Continental Shelf Project
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Ship: Healy
Cruise: HLY1002 (H-3-10-AR)
Sample: HLY1002-5P-1
Device: core, piston
Latitude: 76.54377
Longitude: -128.62745
Water Depth(m): 2081
Date: 20100902
PI: Brian Edwards
IGSN: ECS003009
Core length (cm): 496
Diameter (cm): 8
Storage: refrigerated
Province: rise, continental

Piston core (2400 lb weightstand), 4 sections. Subsamples: scrapings from weightstand head, scrape of external pipe for microfauna, core catcher. Pull out: 2440. Time: 18:36 Site of opportunity (near WP37). Preliminary descriptions below are by Francky Saint-Ange (CGS). See Sample Data/Information link for additional/updated data, information and images.
1 :    IGSN ECS00008E   0 to 96 cm in core
Comments: Core section 1, identified as: HLY1002-5P-1-001.
Description: preliminary description: 0-4cm dark brown mud unit; 4-10cm dark grayish brown/brown mud. bioturbated; 10-17cm grayish brown mud at the base to dark grayish brown mud in the top. thin black layer at the base. granules are observed; 17-23cm dark grayish brown silt bioturbated; 22-65cm dark grayish brown mud unit. heavily mottled. granules are observed; 65-95 gray mud, mottled, granules are observed.
2 :    IGSN ECS00008F   96 to 196 cm in core
Comments: Core section 2, identified as HLY1002-5P-1-002.
Description: preliminary description: 102-111cm dark olive gray succession of mud and sand layers diffuse contact; 111-116cm light brown to light reddish brown mud with granules; 116-141cm grayish brown mud, heavily mottled. abundant granules and coarse fraction; 141-150cm light gray mud unit overlayed by a mottled gray mud unit; 150-170cm gray mud heavily mottled. granules are observed. coarse sand layer at the base. bioturbated at the top; 170-180cm gray mud heavily mottled. abundant granules. mix of mud and coarse sands at the base; 180-195cm Mix of gray mud and sand weakly stratified. abundant coarse fraction.
3 :    IGSN ECS00008G   196 to 346 cm in core
Comments: Core section 3, identified as HLY1002-5P-1-003.
Description: preliminary description: 200-210cm gray mud heavily mottled overlaying a thick gravelly unit. strong erosive bed; 220-300cm gray mud mottled. abundant sand fraction. massive unit; 300-347cm gray mud, mottled. abundant sand fraction. massive unit (to 400cm). pebbles are observed.
4 :    IGSN ECS00008H   346 to 496 cm in core
Comments: Core section 4, identified as HLY1002-5P-1-004.
Description: preliminary description: 347-400cm gray mud, mottled. abundant sand fraction. massive unit (from 300cm). pebbles are observed; 400-476cm gray mud getting darker to the base, mottled, abundant sand fraction, pebbles. massive unit. end of section at 476cm.
5 :    IGSN ECS00009S  
Comments: Core Catcher, identified as HLY1002-5P-1-CA.
6 :    IGSN ECS00008J  
Comments: Sample from Weightstand, identified as HLY1002-5P-1-WSS.
7 :    IGSN ECS00008I  
Comments: External scrape of core barrel for microfauna, identified as HLY1002-5P-1-MFx.

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