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Repository: University of Hawaii at Manoa
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Ship: Kana Keoki
Cruise: KK790808-01 (KK79)
Sample: KK790808-1 STA125 RD45
Device: dredge, rock
Latitude: -9.06368
Longitude: -150.6938
Water Depth(m): 1450 to 1300
Date: 19790828
Storage: room temperature, dry

Central Pacific
1 :   
Comments: 65 rocks - approx 1000 lbs. Mixture of limestones, volcanic breccias, volcanic sandstones, basalts, carbonate breccias. Limestones - aprrox 200 lbs - partial Mn- coating (< 1 cm) on all pieces; size range 5 - 40 cm; 5-6 boulders several medium + small frags angular to sub-rounded. Volc. sandstones - 1 boulder, 2-3 fragments; approx 80 lbs; greenish tinged, granular textured, medium-grained; same thin Mn- coating on boulder, angular. Carb. breccias - 3-4 boulders, several smaller frags; approx 125 lbs; med-coarse grained matrix of shell frags, plagioclase X-stals, limestone + volcanic fragments, enclosing basalt and limestone fragments and volc. sandstone pieces. Basalts - 6-8 pieces, all < 20 cm in size, little MN- coating, fine grained, approx 30 lbs. Volcanic breccias - approx 4000 lbs. 1 large boulder several boulders several medium + small frags, all Mn- encrusted to large extent (1-5 cm thick), most show alteration to a white clay matrix, rocks are angular + contain angular basalt frags; frags are partially vesicular + fine-grained in some breccia pieces. 13 bags. Sedimentary rocks - bags 1, 3, 4, 5

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