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Repository: University of Hawaii at Manoa
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Ship: Kana Keoki
Cruise: KK820316 (KK82)
Sample: KK820316 STA40 RD24
Device: dredge, rock
Latitude: -8.8115
Longitude: 157.2595
Water Depth(m): 3405
Date: 19820523
Storage: room temperature, dry

Woodlark Basin, S. of new Georgia IS. Six bags of samples available each individually labeled 1-3.
1 :   
Comments: Recovered approximately 400 kg. of basaltic volcanics and subaqueous volcanoclastics. 18 volcanic rocks were cut and described in detail, splits of each went to HIG and Solomons Survey. 22 clastic rocks were sampled and described, splits of each went to HIG and Solomons. 1 additional bag of each type (basalt + clastic) was also made up for HIG and Solomons Survey. Basalt: 20% highly cpx, ol phyric (>30% phenos), 50% plag + cpx phyric (5-20% pl, 1-3% cpx), the remaining samples cosist entirely of cpx, ol, plag phyric (< 5%) and aphyric basalts. Generally they are very fresh to glassy. Glasses were found as outer rinds on 5 samples that are petrographically similar, maybe one flow entering the sea. One basalt contains perdotite xenoliths (< 2 cm diam) and some leucocratic (tonalite?) xenoliths. most of the lavas were angular rather than rounded and are probably subaenal and/or dervied from New Georgia. Clastics: silty sandstones, volcanic breccias, hyaloclastites, calcareous silt and sandstones. hyaloclastites have high proportions of glass (some fresh) and mineral fragments. Some sandstones are interbedded but most are f.g and well sorted, well indurated. a few % (1-2%) forams present in calcareous siltstones. 2 bags each for Sol + HIG.

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