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Repository: University of Hawaii at Manoa
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Ship: Kana Keoki
Cruise: KK840428-03 (KK84)
Sample: KK840428 STA34 RD06
Device: dredge, rock
Latitude: 30.02167
Longitude: 140.11667
Water Depth(m): 2825
Date: 19840622
Storage: room temperature, dry

Torishima Rift II
1 :   
Comments: 6 bags, approx 250-300 lbs. (lab samples) (3-4 pieces). Bag #1 - fine grained vesicular basalt, some pieces rounding (~1-2) evident, most angular, altered. Bag #3 - fine grained tuff - light grey, pumaceous rock light grey light. Bag #2 - lapilli tuff: volcanic fragments 1 mm to 3 cm in size with fine grained tuffaceous matrix. Altered to rusty brown. (light). Bag #4 - assorted rocks from above (mainly pyroclastic). Bag #5 - assorted rocks from above (mainly altered pyroclastics). Bag #6 - dirty ooze poorly consolidated with calcareous sphericals < 1 mm in size. This rock is in contact with pumaceous rock. There are at least two distinct types of silicic rock. On eis pumice. The other is massive rhyolite with intermixed more mafic composition. Both appear to be quite fresh.

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