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NOAA/NOS and USCGS Seabed Descriptions from Hydrographic Surveys


Search Notes:

Selection output options include data display (< 1000 samples), KML (< 50,000 samples), and tab-delimited text (please download, rather than view large files).

If selection is by hydrographic survey, a link to other survey products will be displayed. Not all surveys will have related products.

Selections are limited to either survey or geographic area. If both are entered, only samples from the specified survey will be selected.

How to Cite:

National Ocean Service (2013): NOAA/NOS and USCGS Seabed Descriptions from Hydrographic Surveys. National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA, doi:10.7289/V5BG2KWG [date of data access]

About the Data

Descriptions of the seabed surface, primarily in U.S. coastal areas, derived from over 200,000 geologic samples collected during hydrographic surveys.

Historic data include survey id, sample number, latitude/longitude, original datum, and a brief description.

Newer data, from samples taken or coded after 2011, include the International Hydrographic Organization IHO S-57 descriptive attributes as described in the NOAA Office of the Coast Survey Specifications and Deliverables (see Appendix 10).

Data Sources/Credits:

Source "survey rep", "log sheet m", and "table": Data coded by Dan Neumann at NOS from historic reports.

Source "NMNH": Data coded and contributed by NMNH. Prior to August 2001, NOS sent hydrographic survey sediment samples and log sheets to the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) for archive.

Source "digitized": Observations from historic smooth sheets, digitized by NGDC with support from NOS.

Source "AFSC": NOS survey data corrected by the National Marine Fisheries Service Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC).

Other sources: Under Hydrographic Technical Directive 2011-6 (HTD 2011-6), post-2011 bottom sample data are sent to NGDC in digital form by NOS.

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