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Questions to Ponder

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Veniaminof, Alaska, USA:
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Questions to Ponder and Web Resources

If calderas are formed when the underlying magma chamber of a volcano drains, what does it mean for Mars, Venus, and Io to have calderas?

Visit Volcano World and make your own volcano!

Visit the Alaska Volcano Observatory and learn more about volcano hazard maps.

Find out the routes that aircraft use in flying over Alaska (try FlightTracker). Draw these on a map. Locate Mount Veniaminof on a map. Do any of these aircraft routes fly over the volcano?

How does mythology describe volcanic activity? How did ancient people perceive volcanoes? How did people of that time know what to do? (i.e. discuss the oral tradition). Visit Living with Volcanoes.

How are messages about natural hazards passed along to the public today? How are satellites affecting our ability to detect and predict natural hazards? (Visit the Tsunami Warning centers, Earthquake information centers , the Operational Significant Event Imagery web , and weather service reports).

Check out images of volcanoes at NASA's Earth Observatory.