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World Data Service for Geophysics

Guidelines for Contributing
Marine Geological and Geophysical Data
to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

How to Begin?

Send details of your data and questions to one of the emails below:

Digital Elevation Models:
Multibeam Bathymetry:
Other Trackline Geophysics:
Marine Sediment/Rock Analyses:

For other data types and general questions:

General Guidelines

NCEI is very flexible in accepting a wide variety of data types in marine geology and geophysics. NCEI (formerly NGDC) is the designated National repository for MGG data collected with National Science Foundation funding. We accept well documented data in almost any format, although we have preferred formats for some data types. We suggest that you contact us to work out the details before sending data.

  • Data contributions must be well documented so that proper credit can be given to all authors, institutions, and funding sources associated with the research that generated the data.

  • Documentation should include information about instrumentation, positional accuracy, analysis and processing methodology, and data quality.

Data Availability

NOTE: Unless other arrangements are made in advance, all data sent to NCEI are in the public domain and will be distributed without restriction at cost of reproduction, processing, and handling. Please do not send data that are still under proprietary hold unless you have made prior arrangements with NCEI, otherwise by sending data to us, you are giving your consent to public dissemination.