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Participation in the GAPA Atlas Project

view larger image of sediment thickness.

The Geological/Geophysical Atlas of the Pacific and Atlantic (GAPA) is a mapping project of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC). The Atlantic Atlas was published in 1990. The release date for the Pacific Atlas has not yet been determined. The main idea behind the compilation of these atlases was to bring together large amounts of data which had already been assembled by research scientists but had yet to be published, or that had been published on a smaller scale.

The main selection of maps at a scale of 1:10 million Mercator projection includes information on the relief of the ocean floor, total intensity magnetic anomalies, gravity anomalies, sea surface heights, geothermal data, seismicity, total sediment thickness, as well as the surface distribution of various sediment types.

Dr. David Divins, formerly of NGDC (now NCEI), was responsible for compilation of the total sediment thickness of the Eastern Pacific.