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RF Committee for Geology and Natural Resources Management
National Research Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of the World's Oceans.

In commemoration
of a pioneer of Arctic geophysical research
A.M. Karasik

Seismically active zones of the Arctic

Saint Petersburg



Chapter 1. Historical background of seismological researches into the Arctic

1.1.Development of the permanent seismograph observation network in the Arctic

1.2. Sevmorgeologia's field observations

1.3. A review of basic summary publications

Chapter 2. Arctic Seismological Data Bank

2.1. Principal methods to fill the data bank

2.2. Data bank contents

Chapter 3. An estimate of possibilities for the unification of arctic earthquake magnitudes.

Chapter 4. Hypocentry and focal mechanisms of Arctic earthquakes

4.1. Basic principles of data selection

4.2. The Norwegian-Greenland Basin and surrounding areas

4.3. The Eurasian Basin and surrounding areas

4.4. The Chuckchi Sea and surrounding areas

4.5. Arctic Canada

Chapter 5. Geodynamic models of seismic zones

5.1. Interplate seismicity zone ( Mid-Arctic Earthquake Belt )

5.2. Intraplate seismicity zones



Appendix. Catalogue of earthquake epicenters recorded by the Sevmorgeologia's field stations.

This publication is offered by the World Data Center for Marine Geology and Geophysics, Boulder with the permission of the authors. It is a translation and update of a work previously published only in Russian.