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Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility, Florida State University

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Charlotte Sjunneskog, Curator/Facility Manager
Sherwood W. Wise, Jr., Principal Investigator
Steve Petrushak, Assistant Curator

Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility
108 Carraway Building
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 323016-3026

(850)644-2407 (Charlotte Sjunneskog)
(850)644-7127 (Steve Petrushak)
(850)644-6265 (Sherwood Wise)

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The Antarctic Research Facility, adjunct of the Florida State University Department of Geological Sciences, is a national repository for geological materials collected in polar regions. The Facility houses over 25,000 meters of deep-sea geological core samples recovered primarily from the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic continent. The ARF receives funding from the US National Science Foundation.


The ARF is located in the Carraway Building on the campus of FSU. The single-story building that houses the ARF is designed for the storage and processing of marine geological core samples. Most of the core storage area consists of a 500 square meter room kept at 2 degrees Celsius. A separate vault (50 square meters) provides additional space for materials requiring frozen (-23 degrees C) storage.
The facility houses a wide variety of equipment to enable visiting investigators to carry out additional analyses on the cores. This equipment includes: GEOTECK multi-sensor core logger, Norelco whole-core X-radiograph(analog), Torrex 120D whole core X-ray (real-time imaging), Rigaku X-ray diffraction unit, Zeiss Axioskop 2 with analog and digital cameras, digital and analog core photography equipment, dark room facilities, and standard sediment processing facilities.

Sample Collection

The facility houses over 20,000 meters of Antarctic and subantarctic marine geological core samples from multiple research vessels. The facility also houses a variety of drill cores and other samples pertaining to polar geology. Please see the ARF/FSU web site for details.

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