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Bill Riedel's selections for mandatory fields (core data) are noted with asterisks.


Institution *
Ship *
Cruise ID *
Sample ID *
Date Collected
Latitude Degree *
Latitude Whole Minute *
Latitude Tenths of Minutes *
N or S *
Longitude Degree *
Longitude Whole Minute *
Longitude Tenths of Minutes *
E or W *
Decimal Latitude
Decimal Longitude
Latitude Top
Latitude Bottom (*ONE OR ANOTHER FORM OF
Longitude Left POSITION DATA)
Longitude Right
Type Position Data
Water Depth (m) *
Sample Device Code *
Storage Method
Coring/Storage Artifacts
Core Length (cm) *
Core Diameter (cm)
Bulk Weight
Principal Investigator
Subsequent Describer(s)/Date(s)
Point Interval Depth (cm) *
% Sand-Sized *
% Silt-Sized *
% Clay Sized *
% Clay Mineral
Abundance Clay Mineral
% Mica
Abundance Mica
% Glauconite
Abundance Glauconite
% Calcareous Undifferentiated
Abundance Undifferentiated
% Calc. Nannofossils Undifferentiated
Abundance Calc. Nannofossils Undiff. *
% Coccoliths
Abundance Coccoliths
% Discoasters
Abundance Discoasters
% Forams Undifferentiated *
Abundance Forams Undifferentiated
% Planktonic Forams
Abundance Planktonic Forams
% Benthic Forams
Abundance Benthic Forams
% Pteropods/Heteropods
Abundance Pteropods/Heteropods
% Ostracods
Abundance Ostracods
% Shell Fragments
Abundance Shell Fragments
% Biosiliceous Undifferentiated
Abundance Biosiliceous Undifferentiated
% Diatoms *
Abundance Diatoms
% Radiolarians *
Abundance Radiolarians
% Sponge Spicules
Abundance Sponge Spicules
% Silicoflagellates
Abundance Silicoflagellates
% Ichthyoliths
Abundance Ichthyoliths
% Plant Material Undifferentiated
Abundance Plant Material Undiff.
% Pollen/Spores
Abundance Pollen/Spores
% Volcanic Glass *
Abundance Volcanic Glass
% Zeolites *
Abundance Zeolites
% Oxides Undifferentiated
Abundance Oxides Undifferentiated
% Fe Oxides
Abundance Fe Oxides
% Pyrite/Marcasite
Abundance Pyrite/Marcasite
% Ferromagnesian Undifferentiated
Abundance Ferromagnesian Mins. Undiff.
% Heavy Minerals Undifferentiated
Abundance Heavy Minerals Undiff.
% Barite
Abundance Barite
% Halite
Abundance Halite
% Gypsum/Anhydrite
Abundance Gypsum/Anhydrite
% Dolomite/Aragonite
Abundance Dolomite/Aragonite
% Phosphate
Abundance Phosphate
% Siliciclastics Undifferentiated
Abundance Siliciclastics Undifferentiated
% Quartz
Abundance Quartz
% Feldspar Undifferentiated
Abundance Feldspar Undifferentiated
% Microtektites
Abundance Microtektites
% Rock Fragments
Abundance Rock Fragments
Other Components (List)
Depth Top (cm) *
Depth Bottom (cm) *
Upper Contact *
Munsell Color Code(s) *
Structures (Tectonic)
Age *
Age Basis *
Interval No.
Sediment/Rock Type
Interval Comments

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