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Oregon State University Marine Geology Repository

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The College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University, Corvallis, operates the OSU Marine Geology Repository for the US National Science Foundation. Established in 1972 as the OSU Core Laboratory, the repository has been funded continuously since 1976 as a national facility by NSF.
In 1990, the marine geology collections of OSU and the University of Washington were merged, and the facility was significantly expanded. This national facility now serves the community of scientists throughout the world. The mission of the repository is to preserve and distribute marine geological samples for scientific research and education.


The describing laboratory, completed in 1994, includes facilities for curation and sampling as well as a 36,000 cubic foot refrigerator to house the OSU sediment core collection. Facilities also include a core splitter, an automated reflectance spectroscopy logger, a core X-ray (Faxitron), magnetic susceptibility and photography equipment, large and small diamond saws and band saw, freeze dryer and freezers, and dissecting and petrographic microscopes.

Sample Collection

The marine sediment and rock collection at the OSU Marine Geology Repository comes from all oceans. As of 2011 it contains over 15,500 meters of sediment from almost 6000 cores, more than 9,000 rocks from 500 dredges, 2200 Manganese Nodules and 1500 sediment trap and 700 plankton tow samples.

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