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US Geological Survey - West Coast Geological Sample Repository

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The US Geological Survey's West Coast (USGSMP) marine geology sample repository is a US government-funded facility that houses a national archive of marine bottom samples in the offices of the Western Region's Coastal and Marine Geology (CMG) team. The facility also provides temporary refrigerated storage of samples collected by other Geologic Division teams as well as members of the Water Resources Division through agreements with those groups.


The repository consists of two separate refrigerated facilities that maintain samples at 38 degrees F +/- 2 degrees F. The 900 square-foot walk-in refrigerator with adjacent core cutting laboratory holds samples from on-going projects. The 1500 square-foot walk-in refrigerator with adjacent anteroom holds samples that represent the inactive part of the collection.

Sample Collection

Although the collection is global in extent, most samples are from the Pacific Ocean and adjacent environs. The collection consists of over 12,000 box core, piston core, gravity core, sediment trap, dredge, and grab samples collected during numerous deep-ocean and coastal-ocean cruises since 1972, as well as sampling in lacustrine, wetland, and water-reservoir environments.

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