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Gulf of Mexico bathymetry

Gulf of Mexico Unstructured Grid Catalog

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Search for unstructured grids in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Unstructured Grid Catalog is a database of unstructured grids of the Gulf of Mexico. These grids have been developed by many different groups to support hydrodynamic modeling, and will be shared here, along with grid documentation, to help identify modeling gaps and redundancies and support other uses. The Catalog is a community resource for users to either access archived grids or to contribute new grids.

Unstructured grids are one of the building blocks of numerical modeling applications that are used for studying the marine environment and coastal zone. These computational grids have no regular structure, as opposed to NCEI's coastal digital elevation models (DEMs) that are made of square cells. The grids may or may not contain bathymetric or topographic elevation values, and may contain other oceanographic parameters, such as wind speed.

NOAA's Coastal Storms Program is leading the initiative to develop this database of unstructured grids, starting with grids developed in the Gulf of Mexico. This database will be a publicly available tool that will allow users to archive and access grids in the region. Metadata will be an important component of the database to describe how a grid was generated and for what purpose it was designed. Information about inputs to the grid will be critical, such as the source of the bathymetry, topography, datum transformations and shoreline data used in its construction.

NOAA will act as steward of the grid database as part of a comprehensive national ocean policy for coastal modeling. The first phase of the project was to develop the functional requirements of the grid catalog, including data storage, user accessibility, metadata, and database linkages. These requirements were determined through a community workshop with developers of unstructured modeling applications as well as users of modeling results. The database will be made available to the public after it has been sufficiently populated by participating agencies and researchers.

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