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multibeam relief

ECS Project Data Management

ECS Data Access

The data collected and rescued as part of the U.S. ECS Project are in the public domain and made available for other uses as rapidly as possible.

When using data from this site, please include the following disclaimer:

"The opinions, findings, and conclusions stated herein are those of the author[s] and do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. ECS Project."

Use the following convention to reference the Data Source, the U.S. ECS Project, and NCEI:

creator. publication date. resource name. distributor. doi (where available)

Sample Acknowledgement:
"James Gardner, UNH/CCOM-JHC. 2007. Gulf of Mexico NR07-1. Multibeam Bathymetry Data. NOAA, National Centers for Environmental Information, U.S. Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Project Archive. The opinions, findings, and conclusions stated herein are those of the author[s] and do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. ECS Project."

ECS Data Collection Cruises

ECS RegionCruise IDPlatformStart DateEnd DateChief Scientist(s)subbottom profilesmulti-channel seismic
(linear km)
(sq km)
ArcticHE0302Healy2003083020030910Larry A. Mayerx10,0001 core
HE0405Healy2004100620041026Larry A. Mayerx20,000
HE0703Healy2007081620070914Larry A. Mayer & Andy Armstrongx70,000
HE0805Healy2008081420080905Larry A. Mayer & Andy Armstrongx34,6007 dredges
HE0806Healy2008090520081001Jonathan Childsx29,158
L-1-08-AR1Louis S. St-Laurent2008082120081003Ruth Jackson & Debbie Hutchinson4,217
L-7-09-AR2Louis S. St-Laurent2009080620090916David Mosher & Debbie Hutchinson4,069
HE0905Healy2009080720090916Larry A. Mayer & Andy Armstrongx66,1355 dredges
L-1-10-AR3Louis S. St-Laurent2010080420100915David Mosher & Jonathan Childs3,600
HLY1002Healy2010080320100904Brian D. Edwardsx 47,66311 cores
HLY1102Healy2011081520110928Larry A. Mayer & Andy Armstrongx58,000g
L-39-11-AR4Louis S. St-Laurent2011081820110929David Mosher & Debbie Hutchinson1,437
HLY1202Healy2012082620120927Larry A. Mayer & Andy Armstrongx20,000g5 dredges
AtlanticHEN04-1Henson2004082320040918James V. GardnerxHEN04 1-3
255,000 total

1  2  3
HEN04-2Henson2004092520041020James V. Gardnerxg
HEN04-3Henson2004102920041130James V. Gardnerxg
PF0501Pathfinder2005042520050530Doug Cartwright & James V. GardnerxPF05 01-02
148,500 total

01  02
PF0502Pathfinder2005060520050630Doug Cartwright & James V. Gardner
KNOX17RRRoger Revelle2008050120080531Brian R. Calder & James V. Gardnerx124,216g
RB12-02Ronald Brown2012070320120717Andy Armstrongx69,969
MGL1407Marcus G. Langseth2014082120140913Deborah Hutchinsonxxx
Bering SeaDA0301aDavidson2003070720030728James V. Gardner8,136
DA0301Davidson2003070720030728James V. Gardner12,764
MGL1111Marcus G. Langseth2011081020110902Ginger Barth & Warren Woodx2,20049,581g&m4 CTD
Gulf of AlaskaKM0514Kilo Moana2005062420050901James V. Gardner & Larry A. Mayerx321,466g
MGL1109Marcus G. Langseth2011060620110626Ginger Barth & Sean Gulickx3,20069,060g&m
Gulf of MexicoNR07-1Northern Resolution2007062120070708James V. Gardnerx32,300
Johnston AtollKM1417Kilo Moana2014080920140822James V. Gardner & Andy Armstrongx97,250
Kingman Reef & Palmyra AtollKM1009Kilo Moana2010051220100616James V. Gardnerx107,435
Mendocino RidgeEX0903Okeanos Explorer2009050520090526James V. Gardner & Mashkoor Malikx14,136
AT26-21Atlantis2014092320141012Andy Armstrongxx
Necker RidgeEX0909 Leg1Okeanos Explorer2009082120090903Mashkoor MalikEX0909 total
EX0909 Leg2Okeanos Explorer2009091220090926Elaine Stuart
KM1121Kilo Moana2011073120110810James V. Gardnerx47,394g
Northern Mariana Islands & GuamBD06-1Bowditch2006101520061115James V. Gardnerx92,111g
BD07-1Bowditch2007111620071217James V. Gardnerx92,151
SU10-1USNS Sumner2010080620100905James V. Gardner187,503
SU10-2USNS Sumner2010092420101021Andy Armstrong156,023

*Bathymetry data, and if available, backscatter data and products

1A.K.A. 2008-010-FA, Canadian Cruise, U.S. joint participation

2A.K.A. 2009-007-FA, Canadian Cruise, U.S. joint participation

3Canadian Cruise, U.S. joint participation

4A.K.A. 2011-039-FA, Canadian Cruise, U.S. joint participation

ECS Data Rescue Efforts

ECS RegionCruise IDPlatformStart DateEnd DateChief Scientist(s)seismic/subbottombathymetrygravitygeology
Bering SeaW1174bsDabney E. Petty19741977NGDC  USGS
L-4-75-BSSamuel P. Lee1975090719750918NGDC  USGS
CaliforniaH-1-75-CCHollis Hedberg19751975NGDC  USGS
F-2-84-NCFarnella1984052319840613Jim Gardner, Dave McCullochNGDC  USGS
F-3-84-NCFarnella1984061519840708Dave Cacchione, Dave DrakeNGDC  USGS
U-20-90-SCUnknown1990090119900930NGDC  USGS
Central PacificF-1-91-CPFarnella1991010519910128Mike Somers, Robin Holcomb, Wayne ColonyNGDC  USGS
F-3-91-CPFarnella1991022419910325Stephanie Ross, Chris GutmacherNGDC  USGS
East CoastGulfSeal 19731Gulf Seal1973052619730809John SchleeNGDC  USGS
GulfSeal 19742Gulf Seal1974090519740924John GrowNGDC  USGS
L-5-77-WOSamuel P. Lee1977052119770603Parke SnavelyNGDC  USGS

1A.K.A. ECST1-3, 1973-002-FA, and S-1-73-NA

2A.K.A. ECST4-6, 1974-008-FA, and S-1-74-NA