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ECS Seismic Metadata Controlled Vocabulary


restrictions for accessing the data set

Vocabulary Definition
delay public access to the data has been delayed (e.g., PI may still be working on data)
open pubic has unrestricted access to data
openpartial public has unrestricted access to only some of the data; access to remaining data may be restricted or delayed
restricted public does not have access to the data; these data may be proprietary


system type



describes the level of processing data has undergone

Vocabulary Definition
compilation collection of different types/classes of data (e.g., fledermaus scene, movie of 3D volume, geoquest project)
field untouched or minimally field processed (e.g., word or media formatting, header additions); includes unprocessed SCS, CHIRP, 3.5 kHz
processed any irreversible processing or header manipulation


format of digital file

Vocabulary Definition
MB System generic multibeam file type
_raw.all SIMRAD file type for multibeam
BMP standard Bit-mapped graphic format
DOC format used for text documents by Microsoft Word
Fledermaus output from Fledermaus interactive 3D data visualization system
GIF Graphics Interchange Format, a bitmap image format
HTML HyperText Markup Language, the predominant markup language for Web pages
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group, method of compression for photographic images
KEB Knudsen Binary format
KMZ zipped KML files with a .kmz extensionm, for Google Earth or Map applications
KML Keyhole Markup Language, an XML-based language schema for expressing geographic annotation and visualization in Google Earth or Map applications
MOV QuickTime file format
P1/90 UKOAA post plot positioning data format
P2 UKOOA data exchange format designed to record positioning data for both 2D and 3D seismic surveys
PDF Portable Document Format
PNG Portable Network Graphics format
PostScript dynamically typed concatenative programming language known for its use as a page description language in the electronic and desktop publishing areas
SEGB a type of original acquired format for seismic data developed by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists
SEGY a type of original acquired format for seismic data developed by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists
SEGD a type of original acquired format for seismic data developed by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Text unformatted ASCII file format
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
XLS spreadsheet file format used by Microsoft Excel
XTF eXtensible Text Framework "is an architecture that supports searching across collections of heterogeneous textual data" (XML, PDF, text)
nonDigital For non-digital files.


the media used for dataset transfer

External Hard Drive


kind of data differentiated by the type of receiver or source

Vocabulary Definition
Seismic:Active controlled source
Seismic:Active:ESP Expanding Spread Profiling
Seismic:Active:MCS more than one channel
Seismic:Active:MCS-3D data is appropriate for 3-D processing
Seismic:Active:OBS Ocean Bottom Seismograph
Seismic:Active:SCS one channel only
Seismic:Active:Sonobuoy floating buoy receiver
Seismic:Active:Subbottom Chirp, 3.5 kHz controlled sources
Seismic:Passive natural source


Codelist values that identify the type of date for cited resource.

Vocabulary Definition
creation Start date of cruise and/or data collection. This is the recommended value for the dataset or object.
published When the data was made available to the public, recommended if creation date of dataset is unknown. Typically this is used for the publication date of a paper or cited reference.
revision When the data was processed or revised or there is a new version released of cited object. (Not recommended for seismic dataset date).


device used to create sound or receive sound

Vocabulary Definition
Gravimeter Measures gravitational field of Earth.
Hydrophone_OceanBottom Also called OBH, deployed on the sea floor.
Hydrophone_OceanBottomCable Like an OBH, but connected by a cable.
Hydrophone_Sonobuoy Like an OBH, but floats at the surface.
Hydrophone_Streamer Towed array of hydrophones.
Laser_Altimeter Single beam, measures a range.
Laser_Scanning Towed scanner using light, aka lidar in aircraft.
Magnetometer Measures magnetic field of Earth.
SeismicSource_Boomer Fixed frequency. These penetrate bottom and create SEGY files.
SeismicSource_Explosive Makes noises in the water, e.g. dynamite.
SeismicSource_Gun_Air Pneumatic, make noises in the water.
SeismicSource_Gun_Water Pneumatic, make noises in the water.
SeismicSource_Sparker Fixed frequency. These penetrate bottom and create SEGY files.
Seismometer_BuriedBroadband Receiver.
Seismometer_OceanBottomCable Also called OBS, seismometer placed on the sea floor
Sonar_ADCP Acoustic doppler current profiler.
Sonar_CHIRP Swept frequency sub-bottom profiler.
Sonar_Echosounder Single, dual, and split beams. E.g. 3.5 kHz.
Sonar_Interferometric Measures bathymetry and sidescan.
Sonar_Multibeam generic multibeam instrument
Sonar_Scanning Articulating, profiling. Example: make = Imagenex, model = 801.
Sonar_Sidescan The intensity of the acoustic reflections from the seafloor.


Offset corrections, associated with the navigation system and processing procedures, of the geographic position of the seismic trace that were made

Vocabulary Definition
no no offset corrections between navigation antenna and receiver made for the trace location
partial some offset corrections between navigation antenna and receiver made for the trace location
undocumented this information is not documented
yes all offset corrections made for the trace location


Are horizontal components oriented by rotation?

Vocabulary Definition
no the horizontal components were not rotated
undocumented this information is not documented
yes the horizontal components were rotated


primary classification of data processing results

Vocabulary Definition
CMPSorted shot data sorted into common mid-point gathers
CMPSorted:3D Shot data sorted into 3-D common mid-point gathers.
Migration method to reposition the seismic image to a truer subsurface position; may be done pre-stack, post-stack, or partially
Migration:3D migration of 3-D seismic data volume
Migration:3D:Depth depth migration of 3-D seismic data volume
Migration:Depth migrated data that was then depth-converted
NearTraceStrip a single trace from a shot gather used in processing
None no processing done
Other e.g., resampled to 4ms
Stack summed traces of common mid-points
Stack:3D summed traces of 3-D common mid-points
Undocumented this information is not documented, yet may still be processed.


data may be processed for reflections, refractions or velocities; for use if DataClass = Processed or Compilation

Vocabulary Definition
Seismic:Reflection processed for reflections
Seismic:Refraction processed for refractions
Seismic:Velocity processed for velocities


the class of information to which the processing was applied

Vocabulary Definition
dataset processing was applied to group of data objects with something in common (e.g., acquired on the same field expedition; processed the same; etc.)
dataObject processing was applied to a particular dataObject, e.g. a particular SEG-Y.
collectionHardware processing parameters describes history/lineage of the devices used to collect the data.
fieldSession processing parameters describes history or processing during data collection


Function performed by the responsible party or contact.(ISO 19115)

Vocabulary Definition
author person who writes the paper
custodian person/organization who cares for the data , e.g. the archive
distributor person/organization who distributes the data
originator person who creates/collects data
owner person/organization who owns the data
pointOfContact person who serves as coordinator/information distributor of a project
principalInvestigator lead scientist of an investigation
processor the person who processed the data
publisher organization that published the data/paper
resourceProvider person/organization who provided the data
user person who is using the data


Classification how how the data was generated

Vocabulary Definition
Analog Paper, film or other media
DigitalSeg digitally recorded data in a standard Society of Exploration Geophysics format
DigitalSeg:DigitallyAcquired Field samples recorded as digital values
DigitalSeg:ScannedFromAnalog image scanned to create a standard Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG-Y) format
DigitialImage scanned from analog record, may have navigation file image is geo-referenced image


identifies how shot spacing control was activated, either by time or distance

Vocabulary Definition
distance shot spacing controlled by distance between shots
time shot spacing controlled by time between shots


used in acquisitionParameters



The identification of the survey reference system, as pertains to the referencing object (e.g. acquisitionParameters or NavFile). Note that the datum could be the same as time of acquisition or different. ''referenced from seismicNavFile/surveyDatum, acquisitionParameters/surveyDatum''



for use with OBS data; describes whether a channel was used to sense vertical ground motion, horizontal ground motion, or pressure variation

Vocabulary Definition
horizontal senses horizontal ground motion
hydrophone senses pressure variation
undocumented this information is not documented
vertical senses vertical ground motion


for use with elements that require a yes or no answer