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Views of the Globe Poster


A Color Image Available from the
National Geophysical Data Center
World Data Service for Geophysics

view larger gif image of the Views of the Globe poster.

Report MGG-10 (.PDF versions, modified Sept 2004/2006, show higher vertical exageration on high resolution data)

Fourteen images of hemispheric views of global relief have been computer-generated from NGDC's digital elevation data and combined into a 24"x24" full-color poster. Views are spaced every 90 degrees of longitude and 45 degrees of latitude. An arbitrary color palette was chosen to give a natural look to the continents and oceans, and the colors were assigned according to elevation. The resolution of the gridded data used varies from true 5-minute for the ocean floors, the USA., Europe, Africa, Japan, and Australia to 1 degree in data-deficient parts of Asia, South America, northern Canada, and the Arabian subcontinent.

Major data sources are as follows: Ocean Areas: US Naval Oceanographic Office; USA., W. Europe, Japan/Korea: US Defense Mapping Agency; Australia: Bureau of Mineral Resources, Australia; New Zealand: Department of Industrial and Scientific Research, New Zealand; E. Brazil: CIAT, Colombia; Africa: Australian National University, Australia; Greenland: Kort-og Matrikelstyrelsen, Denmark; balance of world land masses: US Navy Fleet Numerical Oceanographic Center.

For more information on relief products and data available from NGDC, please try URL We offer other posters, slide sets, and digital data on CD-ROM.