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Views of the Globe Poster


A Color Image Available from the
National Geophysical Data Center (now the National Centers for Environmental Information)
World Data Service for Geophysics

view larger gif image of the Views of the Globe poster.

Report MGG-10 (.PDF versions, modified Sept 2004/2006, show higher vertical exageration on high resolution data)

Fourteen images of hemispheric views of global relief have been computer-generated from our digital elevation data and combined into a 24"x24" full-color poster. Views are spaced every 90 degrees of longitude and 45 degrees of latitude. An arbitrary color palette was chosen to give a natural look to the continents and oceans, and the colors were assigned according to elevation. The resolution of the gridded data used varies from true 5-minute for the ocean floors, the USA., Europe, Africa, Japan, and Australia to 1 degree in data-deficient parts of Asia, South America, northern Canada, and the Arabian subcontinent.

Major data sources are as follows: Ocean Areas: US Naval Oceanographic Office; USA., W. Europe, Japan/Korea: US Defense Mapping Agency; Australia: Bureau of Mineral Resources, Australia; New Zealand: Department of Industrial and Scientific Research, New Zealand; E. Brazil: CIAT, Colombia; Africa: Australian National University, Australia; Greenland: Kort-og Matrikelstyrelsen, Denmark; balance of world land masses: US Navy Fleet Numerical Oceanographic Center.

More information on relief products and data We offer other posters, images, and digital data on CD-ROM.