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World Data Service for Geophysics

GEODAS-NG Desktop Software

for use with Downloaded Trackline Geophysical Data

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NCEI's GEODAS-NG (GEOphysical DAta System - Next Generation) desktop software tools can be used for working with data downloaded from NCEI's trackline web presence, especially NCEI-developed downloaded formats. While this software suite is expected to work well for some time, support in the form of updates and other changes may not be available after late 2014. It may be useful to explore other commercial and open-source tools to determine if they meet your needs.

NGDC (now NCEI) Exchange Formats

GEODAS-NG Software applications and many non-NCEI sites often use a set of data exchange formats (MGD-2000) developed at NGDC (now NCEI). Formats included are:


NCEI has moved to using the GSHHG High-resolution Geography Database for World Shorelines and Political Boundaries. GEODAS-NG software (see Desktop Windows Software below) works with GSHHG/WDBII.

See NCEI's Shoreline/Coastline Resources page for links to GSHHG/WDBII and to other ESRI shapefile formatted shoreline datasets.

Users who want the legacy GEODAS Coastlines files (also works with GEODAS-NG software) can download the GEODAS Coastlines

For more information about Coastlines please contact

Gridded Datasets

GEODAS-NG Software (see below) Grid Translator application can be used view, revise, subset and re-format ESRI ASCII Raster grids and Binary grids. NCEI's ETOPO1 Global Relief, US Coastal Relief Model, Great Lakes Bathymetry, and other gridded datasets can be directly imported.

NCEI's WCS Grid Extraction Tool replaces the online GEODAS grid translator, enabling creation and download of custom grids of bathymetry/topography.

For more information about Gridded Datasets please contact

Contour Data Shapefiles

GEODAS-NG Software (see below) Hydro-Plot application can be used to directly view contoured data in ESRI shapefile format. NCEI provides contours via various types of data, including Great Lakes Bathymetry contours.

GEODAS-NG Desktop Windows Software

While there are many commercial and non-commercial software packages that exist for further processing and visualizing trackline data, the NCEI GEODAS-NG software is offered for users.

The GEODAS-NG (GEOphysical DAta System - Next Generation) software suite can be used for NCEI downloaded data. Other datasets can also benefit from this comprehensive software package. The renamed GEODAS-NG software represents a somewhat different direction than deprecated GEODAS DVD-focused software. GEODAS-NG software does not support the legacy GEODAS CD and DVD datasets. Rather GEODAS-NG will focus directly on downloaded data files in various formats.

Download GEODAS-NG Software Ver 1.1.3 (see readme.txt for installation instructions).

For legacy GEODAS CD/DVD users only: You can update your software using (only) GEODAS DVD Software Update Ver GEODAS DVD Software can co-exist with the newer GEODAS-NG Software.

For more information about GEODAS-NG Software, datasets and formats please contact .