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Marine Geology Searches and Web Services

InformationText InterfaceMap InterfaceWeb Services
Inventory of Geology Data at NGDCtext searchmap searchweb services icon
Index to Marine & Lacustrine Geological Samplestext searchmap searchweb services icon
NOS Seabed Descriptionstext searchmap searchweb services icon
International Ocean Drilling Archivetext searchIODP data added as released from moratorium (DSDP/ODP are historic)
Marine Minerals Bibliographytext search(historic data set not updated since 1992)
Sediment Grain Size Databasetext search(historic data set not updated since 1989)
Surficial Sediment Descriptions (Deck41)text search(historic data set not updated since 1975)

About the links above:

Several digital data sets have their own interfaces. Links to these interfaces are in the table above. Direct links to additional static digital data files are also available, in addition to access via the geology inventory.

The NGDC Marine Geology Inventory provides searchable access to all marine geology data archived by, and available through NGDC, regardless of data format, and direct download of most digital data files.

Inventory information is included for several hundred reports/data sets including data from over 130,000 seafloor samples. Data sources include academic institutions, NOAA, other US government agencies, foreign countries, and a few private companies.

Most geologic reports are in .pdf form, including oversize charts, and are viewable and downloadable through the Inventory. A total of over 70,000 pages (over 8 gigabytes of scanned images) are available online.

If you have problems directly searching the inventory using a web browser, please call/email NGDC with search requests. Searches are performed free of charge.