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Marine Seismic Reflection

USGS OFR80-624

Teledyne Exploration Marine Party No. 705 (M/V Coral Seal) conducted a survey over portions of the U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin between August 15, 1977 and October 30, 1977 on behalf of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The four multichannel profiles were collected by means of a 48-channel streamer (3600 m long) and four airguns (2160 in3). Profiles 15 and 16 were processed by Teledyne Exploration and profiles 14 and 17 were processed on the Phoenix "I"* computer by the USGS. The processing included standard demultiplexing, deconvolution before and after stack, Common Depth Point (CDP) gathers, velocity analyses every 3 km, move-out correction, stacking, time-variant filtering, and time-variant scaling. An integrated satellite navigation system was used.

All Seismic Reflection . . .

Seismic Reflection Map of ect14-17