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GLOBE: A Gallery of Images

Table of Contents:

global color image global shaded image

Global Images: choose the contents, resolution (and size):

Shaded-Relief Shaded-Relief (+nighttime lights)
30-arc-minute(75 kilobytes) 30-arc-minute(44 kilobytes) 30-arc-minute(49 kilobytes)
10'(545 kilobytes) 10'(335 kilobytes) 10'(373 kilobytes)
5'(1.9 megabytes) 5'(1.1 megabytes) 5'(1.2 megabytes)

GLOBE DEM image combined with Smith and Sandwell

This image shows the GLOBE DEM joined with the bathymetric model of Smith and Sandwell.
Get higher-resolution versions of this image:

Small version as .jpg image (79 kilobytes) Medium-sized version as .gif image (362 megabytes) Medium-sized version as .jpg image (158 kilobytes) Larger version as .jpg image (1.1 megabytes)

Continental images: colored, or shaded-relief:

(Note: the GLOBE data set has 100 times the areal resolution of these images. Higher resolution images are available.)

iconColor Africa & Arabia (320 kilobytes) iconShaded-Relief Africa & Arabia (224 kilobytes)
iconColor Asia (750 kilobytes) iconShaded-Relief Asia (516 kilobytes)
iconColor Australia & New Zealand (86 kilobytes) iconShaded-Relief Australia & New Zealand (47 kilobytes)
iconColor Europe (217 kilobytes) iconShaded-Relief Europe (136 kilobytes)
iconColor North America (407 kilobytes) iconShaded-Relief North America (280 kilobytes)
iconColor South America (159 kilobytes) iconShaded-Relief South America (115 kilobytes)