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11.G.xii. Importing into ESRI's ArcGIS 9.x

Users of ArcGIS v. 9.x can import GLOBE DEM tiles into ArcGIS by downloading and renaming individual tiles, and downloading the corresponding header files. The conversion tool 'Raster to Other Format' will create an Arc raster that can be viewed in ArcMap.

  • Download tiles from:

  • Uncompress .gz files with WinZip or other decompression utility.

  • Add ".bil" extension to the end of the name of each tile (e.g., "a10g.bil").

  • Download header (.hdr) for each tile from: and put in same folder as tiles

  • In ArcGIS, select 'Raster to Other Format (multiple)' under 'Conversion Tools', 'To Raster'

  • Define a spatial reference of 'Geographic', 'DD', 'WGS 1984'

The raster should now be viewable in ArcMap


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