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5.B.i.e. Antarctica

Data coverage for Antarctica was available from SCAR/USGS, via USGS/GTOPO30, and several other candidates. The SCAR/USGS data set was originally compiled from various sources by SCAR, then converted to 30" DEM grid by USGS as described in Section 5.A.xi. The data from other candidates were not ready for peer review in time for GLOBE Version 1.0.

Though the quality assessment noted that improved alternatives are under development (e.g. Muller and Mandanayake, 1998a), there was no assurance that such data would soon be available for public distribution.

Quality assessment of the candidates favored the SCAR/USGS model, but also found edge effects in that model (see Section 5.A.xi for discussion). The SCAR/USGS DEM, as repaired by NGDC, was selected for Antarctica.


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