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NOAA Environmental Data:
Foundation for Earth Observations and Data Management System

Observations are intrinsic to the mission of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NOAA has a vision to see a truly integrated global observing system that will bring together all aspects of environmental monitoring on common platforms, to ensure data quality, to manage those data efficiently for the long-term, and to make these data easily and readily accessible as needed. This report summarizes plans and accomplishments in integrating data types, across disciplines, across line offices, and across observational platforms, to provide capability to serve growing user demand.

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Introduction Letter from Secretary Evans and Table of Contents (8.12 Mb)
Executive Summary and Synopsis (12.7 Mb)
Section II: Spectrum of NOAA Environmental Data Services (15.77 Mb)
Section III: Challenges for the Future (14.09 Mb)
Section IV: Conclusion and Appendices (6.1 Mb)

You may download the complete PDF version of this publication (101 pages, ~59.5 Mb), or request a printed copy from NESDIS (address at left).

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