Report for H12340

Report for H12340

Locality: San Francisco Bay and Vicinity
Sublocality: Carquinez Strait and Suisun Bay
State(s) or Region(s): California

Start Date: 2011-09-28
End Date: 2012-03-02

These data are not to be used for navigation.
For navigation please refer to NOS Nautical Charts.

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Survey Products

Descriptive Report and Metadata Documents

NOAA/NOS Descriptive Report
Products listed in the project descriptive report (DR) may not reflect final products available through NCEI.
H12340_DR.pdf 79.59MB The document may be read using a free Adobe Reader.
NOAA/NOS ISO metadata record
H12340 View / Download H12340.xml Usually presented as an XML document, which captures the basic characteristics of HSMDB metadata verified from H10000 (1982) to the present as well as F00200 (1965) to the present.


Survey products may use different units, datums or projections than the associated survey. Please consult product-specific metadata for additional details.
Bathymetric Attributed Grid (BAG) Data
The BAG format is a gridded, multi-dimensional bathymetric data file (see Open Navigation Surface).
Readable with various applications such as the free CARIS Easy View, ESRI ArcGIS or open source GDAL. The BAGXYZ files are ascii representations of the BAG data in XYZ format, but do not include uncertainty.
H12340_MB_1m_MLLW_1of1.bag.gz 139.45MB 136.17MB
NOAA/NOS Sounding Data
Download data from the Point Store database via NEXT (NCEI Extract System). Point soundings are from the survey Smooth Sheet or of similar density. Depths in meters. Please check the associated metadata to confirm the correct datums. The data file format is : SurveyID, Long, Lat, Depth.
H12340 XYZ format.


H12340_GeoImage.pdf 17.93MB NOAA/NOS Layered GeoSpatial Image PDF File.
Created by NOS to include chart and survey layers in a georeferenced pdf format.

Bottom Samples and Tide Documents

NOAA/NOS Tide Note in PDF Format
H12340_tn.pdf 41.8KB This document may be read using a free Adobe Reader.
NOAA/NOS Tide Zone in PDF format
H12340_tz.pdf 465.5KB This document may be read using a free Adobe Reader.

Project Documents

Project Sketch in JPEG format
H12340_ProjectSketch.jpg 347.6KB Project sketch image with highlighted survey area.
Data Acquisition and Processing Report in PDF format
OPR-L430-NRT6-11_DAPR.pdf 433.7KB This document may be read using a free Adobe Reader.

Survey Metadata