Multibeam Report for HA1701

Ship Name: Hi'ialakai
Chief Scientist: Oliver, Thomas
Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
Source Organization: NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (NOAA PIFSC)
Start Date: 2017-05-03
End Date: 2017-05-23

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Multibeam Bathymetry

Cruise Details

Project: Marianas Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program (MARAMP) 2017
Instrument: Simrad EM300

Data Quality

Number of Files: 30
Number of Records: 20091
BATHYMETRY DATA Quantity Percentage
Number of Beams 2712150 100%
Number of Good Beams 2306010 85.03%
Number of Zero Beams 234953 8.66%
Number of Flagged Beams 171187 6.31%

Navigation Totals

Total Time: 13.6756 hours
Total Track Length: 177.0663 km
Average Speed: 12.948 km/hr (6.9914 knots)

Cruise Bounds

Northern Extent: 14.921114
Southern Extent: 13.327506
Western Extent: 144.78438
Eastern Extent: 145.65102


Minimum Sonar Depth 0.5 Maximum Sonar Depth 6.31
Minimum Altitude 0 Maximum Altitude 918.26
Minimum Depth 0 Maximum Depth 1187.52

File Information

Full Resolution Bathymetry as collected (raw): 15

Files File Size Description
0000_20170507_114031_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 21.89MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0000_20170517_120705_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 10.08MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0001_20170507_123856_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 15.70MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0001_20170517_131422_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 11.53MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0002_20170507_133536_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 10.22MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0002_20170517_140502_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 11.30MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0003_20170508_113424_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 9.92MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0003_20170522_115621_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 11.16MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0004_20170508_124902_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 9.45MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0004_20170522_123256_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 11.32MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0005_20170508_133810_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 8.59MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0005_20170522_131457_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 8.70MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0006_20170508_141043_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 5.18MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0007_20170508_143722_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 1.82MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0008_20170508_144511_hiialakai.all.mb56.gz 7.41MB Simrad multibeam vendor format

Full Resolution Bathymetry (processed): 9

Files File Size Description
0000_20170507_114031_hiialakai_HI0702-MBE.gsf.mb121.gz 20.65MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0001_20170507_123856_hiialakai_HI0702-MBE.gsf.mb121.gz 22.42MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0002_20170507_133536_hiialakai_HI0702-MBE.gsf.mb121.gz 14.63MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0003_20170508_113424_hiialakai_HI0702-MBE.gsf.mb121.gz 13.46MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0004_20170508_124902_hiialakai_HI0702-MBE.gsf.mb121.gz 13.47MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0005_20170508_133810_hiialakai_HI0702-MBE.gsf.mb121.gz 12.33MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0006_20170508_141043_hiialakai_HI0702-MBE.gsf.mb121.gz 7.96MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0007_20170508_143722_hiialakai_HI0702-MBE.gsf.mb121.gz 2.66MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0008_20170508_144511_hiialakai_HI0702-MBE.gsf.mb121.gz 10.80MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)

Products: 2

Files File Size Description
Combined_RAMP_MBES-report_11092017.pdf.gz 5.32MB PDF product
Guam_EM300_ObsSVP_HI0702_60m_clean.tif.gz 289.3KB GeoTIFF survey image

Metadata Files: 2

Files File Size Description
Multibeam_HA-17-01_iso19115_DRAFT.xml 85.4KB XML metadata file
multibeam_HA1701_NCEImetadata.xlsx 19.7KB Provider supplied metadata

Ancillary Files: 2

Files File Size Description
v1_support.tar.gz 11.3KB Supporting data
v2_support.tar.gz 6.74MB Supporting data