Multibeam Report for EX1503L1

Ship Name: Okeanos Explorer
Chief Scientist: McKenna, Lindsay
Source Organization: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (OER)
Start Date: 2015-05-08
End Date: 2015-05-13

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Multibeam Bathymetry

Cruise Details

Project: Tropical Exploration (Mapping I)
Instrument: Kongsberg EM302

Data Quality

Number of Files: 82
Number of Records: 69436
BATHYMETRY DATA Quantity Percentage
Number of Beams 29996352 100%
Number of Good Beams 26037148 86.8%
Number of Zero Beams 1915437 6.39%
Number of Flagged Beams 2043767 6.81%

Navigation Totals

Total Time: 55.9254 hours
Total Track Length: 1110.2959 km
Average Speed: 19.853 km/hr (10.7198 knots)

Cruise Bounds

Northern Extent: 18.584137
Southern Extent: 16.145823
Western Extent: -70.58508
Eastern Extent: -66.32069


Minimum Sonar Depth 0 Maximum Sonar Depth 3.9628
Minimum Altitude 0 Maximum Altitude 5814.1587
Minimum Depth 214.2166 Maximum Depth 6355.0405

File Information

Full Resolution Bathymetry as collected (raw): 30

Files File Size Description
0000_20150508_173157_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 110.44MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0001_20150508_183158_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 108.68MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0002_20150508_193156_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 118.29MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0003_20150508_203157_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 140.20MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0004_20150508_213156_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 194.24MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0005_20150508_223158_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 105.98MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0006_20150508_233200_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 40.14MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0007_20150509_000340_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 97.93MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0008_20150509_010338_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 158.86MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0009_20150509_020335_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 153.31MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0010_20150509_030337_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 72.79MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0011_20150509_033526_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 120.82MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0012_20150509_043529_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 84.67MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0013_20150509_053527_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 82.21MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0014_20150509_063532_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 70.53MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0015_20150509_073526_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 68.54MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0016_20150509_083534_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 67.51MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0017_20150509_093531_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 66.24MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0018_20150509_103528_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 65.68MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0019_20150509_113534_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 65.60MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0020_20150509_123530_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 65.76MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0021_20150509_133530_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 65.72MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0022_20150509_143530_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 66.10MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0023_20150509_153527_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 66.29MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0024_20150509_163527_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 66.54MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0025_20150509_173529_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 17.36MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0026_20150509_175106_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 66.86MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0027_20150509_185110_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 66.78MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0028_20150509_195107_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 66.86MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0029_20150509_205106_EX1503_MB.all.mb58.gz 46.80MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format

Full Resolution Bathymetry (processed): 30

Files File Size Description
0000_20150508_173157_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 14.68MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0001_20150508_183158_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 15.11MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0002_20150508_193156_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 16.07MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0003_20150508_203157_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 20.83MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0004_20150508_213156_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 33.96MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0005_20150508_223158_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 14.11MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0006_20150508_233200_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 4.25MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0007_20150509_000340_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 12.47MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0008_20150509_010338_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 23.17MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0009_20150509_020335_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 21.14MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0010_20150509_030337_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 9.10MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0011_20150509_033526_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 15.14MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0012_20150509_043529_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 10.41MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0013_20150509_053527_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 9.96MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0014_20150509_063532_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 7.04MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0015_20150509_073526_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 6.56MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0016_20150509_083534_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 6.35MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0017_20150509_093531_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 6.07MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0018_20150509_103528_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 5.90MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0019_20150509_113534_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 5.93MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0020_20150509_123530_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 5.97MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0021_20150509_133530_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 5.94MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0022_20150509_143530_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 6.05MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0023_20150509_153527_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 6.10MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0024_20150509_163527_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 6.17MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0025_20150509_173529_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 1.64MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0026_20150509_175106_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 6.24MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0027_20150509_185110_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 6.25MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0028_20150509_195107_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 6.26MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
0029_20150509_205106_EX1503_MB.gsf.mb121.gz 4.39MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)

Products: 10

Files File Size Description
EX1503L1_MB_FNL_01_50m_WGS84.asc.gz 26.78MB ESRI Arc ASCII
EX1503L1_MB_FNL_01_50m_WGS84.kmz.gz 1.52MB Compressed Keyhole Markup Language file 51.48MB Fledermaus surface
EX1503L1_MB_FNL_01_50m_WGS84.tif.gz 2.08MB GeoTIFF survey image 16.10MB xyz grid file provided by the originator
EX1503L1_MB_FNL_02_75m_WGS84.asc.gz 14.00MB ESRI Arc ASCII
EX1503L1_MB_FNL_02_75m_WGS84.kmz.gz 0.74MB Compressed Keyhole Markup Language file 27.59MB Fledermaus surface
EX1503L1_MB_FNL_02_75m_WGS84.tif.gz 1.12MB GeoTIFF survey image 8.02MB xyz grid file provided by the originator

Metadata Files: 8

Files File Size Description
EX1503L1_Multibeam.xml NGDC created ISO metadata
EX1503L1_COLLECTION_UNRESOLVED.xml 11.8KB XML metadata file
EX1503L1_Multibeam_COLLECTION_UNRESOLVED.xml 21.2KB XML metadata file
EX1503L1_Profile_COLLECTION_UNRESOLVED.xml 15.3KB XML metadata file
mb_bag_info.tar.gz 4.2KB Additional cruise information
v1_file_metadata.tar.gz 11.4KB File level metadata
wcp_bag_info.tar.gz 1.1KB Additional cruise information
v2_file_metadata.tar.gz 14.0KB File level metadata

Ancillary Files: 3

Files File Size Description
asvp.tar.gz 36.1KB Sound Speed Profiles (SSP or SVP)
support.tar.gz 38.4KB Supporting data
xbt.tar.gz 125.4KB Expendable Bathythermograph (XBT) data

Water Column Sonar Data

Water Column Sonar Data Available: WCSD Map Viewer